PE and Sports Funding

All maintained schools have benefited from additional funding in the form of the PE & Sports Grant.   Our allocation for the Academic Year 2016/17 was £9,800 and will be funded over two financial years (2015/16 & 2016/17).  In 2015/16 we received £9,820 This funding had the following objectives.


    • To increase pupil participation in competitive sport (inter and intra school).
    • To improve the teaching and progression of pupils in outdoor games.
  • To ensure new staff have a clear understanding of how to teach high quality PE



A full evaluation of the impact can be found here.

In 2016/17

We will be embedding the development of teachers skills in teaching games with year 2 of a focus on football, basketball, Hockey, Tennis, Cricket & Athletics. This will be a two year programme of development.

In 2017/18 we will be moving the focus onto the teaching of gymnastics.