Welcome to Year 3

3B                                                                               3Y

Teacher- Mr D Malies                                                 Teacher - Mr A Litchfield

Teaching Assistant – Miss G Johnson                        Teaching Assistant - Miss A Forster


Important days

Homework and spellings are given out on a Friday and should be returned by the following Wednesday. Spelling and CLIC tests are on a Friday.

Our outdoor games sport is cricket (3Y – Tuesday and 3B – Friday) and we will be focusing on gymnastics in our indoor PE sessions (3Y and 3B – Wednesday).

Dates for the diary:

Tuesday 9th May visiting archaeologist

Monday 15th May STEAM Liverpool World Museum visit. 



Our topic this term is USA. You could help your child by looking for a map of the USA and look at the different states. As a family challenge each other to learn the 50 states of America and see who can do the most. Visit a travel agency and get a brochure on America and look at the variety of destinations in one country. Watch out for baseball or cheerleading on the TV as we will be including this as part of our topic.

In science we will be looking at light and shadow. Talk to your child about the differences between light and dark.

In PSHE we will be looking at moving on and staying safe. Talk to your child about how you stay safe walking to school. With (hopefully) the summer coming, talk about staying safe in the sun (drinking water, wearing a hat, applying sun cream etc).


This term we will be looking at fractions, measurement and telling the time. Activities you could do with your children are:- 

  • Bake a cake or biscuits and encourage your child to weigh/measure the ingredients. Help them to read the scale. 
  • When you have a meal, see if your child can cut things in half or into quarters (pizza is great for fractions). 
  • Encourage your child to tell the time with an analogue clock, firstly to the nearest 5 minutes and then to the nearest minute.
  • Use vocabulary such as o’clock, a.m./p.m., morning, afternoon, noon, midnight 
  • Help them to learn the number of seconds in a minute, days in each month, year and in a leap year 
  • Learn roman numerals together, set each other maths problems using Roman numerals




This term we are looking at monster mystery stories and fables. Try and take your child to the library and look for books on this theme including American Indian traditional tales to fit in with our topic USA.



In English, we will be discussing different text types, identifying the features of poems and performing poems using volume and expression in the correct places.


In Year 3, the children learn a range of spelling rules. These include:

  • Prefixes, suffixes and root words
  • Homophones and near homophones
  • a or an
  • Common root word families. 




Please see the attached document for help in supporting your child/children with reading: