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BAE Systems visit Acacias

Mrs Jordan on: Digital Leader Blog

BAE Systems - British Aerospace Engineering - are a high tech company which is made up of many : technicians , engineers and all of which are masters of STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths -and specialist is creating futuristic robots and drones. If you are unaware of what a robot or drone is , they are miniature computers which are able to control themselves ; for instance when BAE Systems visited us  they showed us a human robot which could sense movement and sound to detect a person to take instructions from. They also taught us about hackers and how they reek havoc in the cyber world. BAE Systems also showed us a drone which they controlled using a controller and they asked for an glamorous assistant -named Sami  - who helped by being a hacker who had another controller and was tying to hack the drone. Robots ;the humans of the future are being abused because some people believe that robots will eventually take over the world. BAE Systems do not approve of this because humans are the instructors and commanders of robots, however if we continue our need for more intelligent devices and drones. 

Have you ever wandered how computers are so organised? Well, they use this thing called binary ; they use this to stay in order and discipline a bit like a The British Army . Talking about the British army our discipline air force protects all citizens: however to do this they they need the best drones and robots. BAE Systems are amazing at their job and trust us they are brilliant at doing their job!

By Dua , Emily and Sami

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