Parental Involvement

At Acacias, we highly value the support of parents, and encourage parents to become involved in the school community. We regularly hold workshops, to support parents with helping their children at home, and informal coffee mornings. At each event we ask parents for feedback on what they enjoyed and what they'd like to see in the future. We use this feedback to plan future events and to inform us of how to improve.

If you would like to discuss our parental involvement further, and have ideas of how to make it even better, please contact Mrs Riley, our Inclusion Manager and parental involvement coordinator, or email us at Alternatively, you can contact us, or send us suggestions, through our 'Parent View' page.


Upcoming events:

Please check the calendar for details of upcoming events, including class assemblies.

This term we are running a Family Maths course. This course will be taught by a tutor from MAES (Manchester Adult Education Service). We will also be running a 'Talk English' course, for those new to English. This is also run by MAES.

MAES are also running courses for parents on their personal mental health well-being, in partnership with Back on Track, through a project called 'Heads Up'. Please click here for a leaflet with more information.

Stay and Play sessions take place in Nursery every Friday from 9 - 9.40, and in Reception they take place every other week at the same times (check with staff for which week is for which Reception class).

Shared Learning Events will take place once a half term in Key Stage 1 and once a term in Years 3 - 6. Please see the calendar for dates.


Recent events

Manchester Museum parent trip

On Wednesday 18th October, a group of parents joined us to visit Manchester Museum. This allowed the parents who came to experience exploring the museum, so that they would be able to take their children in the school holidays or at weekends. It also gave them the confidence of knowing how to get there via public transport.

There are a large variety of exhibits at Manchester Museum, many of which link well to the curriculum we teach across school. These include; Romans (Year 4), Ancient Egypt (Year 3), links to journeys in the Industrial Revolution (Year 5), Space (Year 5) and Fossils (Year 6). There were also other exhibits which would interest children of all ages, including a section which looks at memories of partition in India and people’s experiences of this.

The parents who joined us really enjoyed the chance to explore, ready to take their children there, and are looking forward to joining us on our next trip.

CLIC workshop

On Wednesday 11th October 2017 we held a CLIC workshop for parents of children in Key Stage 2. The session was designed to support the parents in understanding how CLIC was taught across the school, and how it support children’s learning in maths.

“It was a good learning event. I learnt lots of things that I can use to help my children at home.”

“Nice to see a CLIC session in action.”

“It quite helpful for us to help children at home and it’s a fun way of learning for the kids as well.”

“How to teach the times tables in a fun way.”

“Interactive and fun.”

“I can teach my children maths in different ways.”

“Please can I come to CLIC everyday!!?”

“I liked the way you were questioning the children as you were teaching them.”

“This is much more fun than how we learnt the times tables at school.”

Real Love Rocks workshop

On Tuesday 10th October, and Thursday 12th October 2017, we held a Real Love Rocks workshop for parents of children in Year 6. This gave parents the chance to find out all about what the children would be learning in the Real Love Rocks sessions, why it was so important for their children to hear these messages and how they could support this at home. It also gave parents the chance to ask any questions about the sessions.

For more information on the Real Love Rocks workshops, please visit our safeguarding pages.

Year 3 assembly

On Wednesday 4th October 2017, Year 3 had their class assembly. They shared information about what they had been learning in class so far this year. The parents all really enjoyed it, and it was a great chance to see the children perform.

Nursery Coffee morning

On Wednesday 4th October 2017, we held a coffee morning specifically for parents of children in our Nursery. This gave the parents the chance to meet other parents whose children shared a class, and to talk about anything that concerned them, or ask any questions linked to school. We also shared ideas for how they could be supporting the children's learning at home, sharing a range of activities and tips sheets.

As part of the coffee morning, we visited Cringle Park, talking to the parents about the learning opportunities that could be taken from a trip to the park, and activities that they could do in the park, or back at home using materials from the park.

The parents really enjoyed the opportunity to get to know the staff involved with parental engagement, and to ask us questions and share any concerns.

Upper Key Stage 2 Shared Learning

On Tuesday 3rd October 2017, we held a shared learning session for parents of children in Year 5 and Year 6. The session focused on the teaching of shared reading and how parents could support reading at home.

"I enjoyed interacting with the children in class and seeing my own child in the classroom environment."

"I enjoyed seeing the children taking part in discussions and expressing their opinions."

"I enjoyed listening to the teacher speaking to the children as they improved their reading skills and participated in learning the poem."

"I liked how the teacher was interacting with the children and how they divided in groups."

"I enjoyed getting involved in the children's learning."


Phonics and Reading in EYFS

On Thursday 28th September 2017, we held a workshop after school, for parents of children in Reception. The workshop looked at how parents could support phonics and reading at home, giving useful strategies and tips.


Year 6 assembly

On Wednesday 27th September 2017, Year 6 had their class assembly. It was very informative in letting parents know all about what they had been learning. The parents found out interesting facts about Leonid Afremov, a painter being studied by Year 6, Steve Jobs and Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb. They were also entertained by Year 6's many talents, including dance performace, their Thomas Edison song, a talk for write run through of the text they've been looking at in class, and even a bit of basketball!


Macmillan Coffee Morning

On Wednesday 27th September 2017, we held a coffee morning to raise funds for Macmillan. A number of parents, and people from the local community, attended, and enjoyed the opportunity to have a good chat whilst enjoying a cup of tea and a slice or two of cake! It was a lovely atmosphere, and we raised over £120.

We also used the opportunity to introduce more parents to our lending library, which is run every Wednesday mornings. We have an extensive range of books and audiobooks which families can borrow for reading at home, to encourage our families to read for pleasure.


Lower Key Stage 2 Shared Learning

On Monday 25th September 2017 we held a Shared Learning session for parents of children in Lower Key Stage 2. The sessions supported the parents in understanding the teaching of CLIC and maths, and how they could support their children at home. Parents were also given the opportunity to ask the class teachers questions about the teaching of CLIC and maths whilst the children were in assembly.


Key Stage 1 Shared Learning

On Friday 22nd September 2017 we held a Shared Learning session for parents of children in Key Stage 1. The sessions in Year 1 supported the parents in understanding the teaching of phonics and also enabled parents to understand how to support reading at home. In Year 2 the session focused on the teaching of shared reading and how parents could support reading at home.

“Getting to interact with my child in school and getting to know what they have been learning about.”

“Learning with my son and discovering a new way to read.”


“What and how the children are being taught was explained and it will help me as a parent to do the same thing at home. I also learnt something new.”

“I enjoy learning about my child’s phonics because I want to help him improve his reading.”

“It was really helpful to find out how the children are taught.”

“Getting to see the learning environment and to meet the class teacher beyond handover at the end of the day.”

“The sharing of teaching strategies and the opportunity to speak with the teacher about specific targets for my child.”

“Meeting the teachers, seeing the classroom from the inside and meeting my child’s classmates.”


“The way children were engaged to understand the story. Excellent.”


“The interactive games, knowledge given about sound buttons and digraphs and trigraphs was very good. The whole session was fun, knowledgable and interactive. Enjoyed it a lot.”


“Getting to see what my child is learning and understand what they are up to and see where they need help at home.”

“I like the way the teacher was teaching our children and they were enjoying learning.”



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