Parent Governor Election Statements

Mahbuba Begum (Parent of Aadam Mahmud 2Y & Maryam Mahmud NB)

Why I wish to be a governor

I have two children who attend Acacias Primary School and have always been interested in what my children get up to in school, how learning is conducted and how the school engages with the community it serves. Having worked in a school for many years myself, I feel I can bring a lot of skills, knowledge and ideas to the table.

Skills and Experience you have that you feel would benefit the role of governor.

I have worked in a multi academy trust as a Finance and Business Manager, which involved attending governing body meetings so I have had plenty of experience in such meetings and have fair knowledge of what they entail, although I do appreciate that not all school settings are the same and am quite interested to see how things are done at Acacias

Through my line of work I have obtained  many skills and knowledge and can easily interpret and understand school statistics, reports and issues. I am familiar with LA rules and guidelines therefore may not require much training.

I have an eye for detail and am always thinking of better ways to do things. I have implemented many policies and procedures in the MAT that I worked for and can confidently say that they have been successful. I believe in continuous improvement and always look to make processes more efficient and practical. 

At present  I am not working so can dedicate the time needed for this role. I am a very hardworking individual and dedicate myself to any role I undertake.

 Zahid Hamid (Parent of Aadam Hamid 1B & Dawud Hamid NY) 

 Why I wish to be a governor

Born and raised in the locality, I am an ex-Acacias pupil with two young children, both of whom attend the school within the EYFS and Y1 classes. I take a keen interest in the level of education provided, in terms of the core subjects studied, personal development, safeguarding and an overall sense of belonging. I particularly enjoy the cross-cultural and diverse nature of the school.

It is vital that parent input is provided in governor meetings. I have empathy towards the challenges faced by parents, particularly during the current climate. As parents, all our children deserve an environment strongly geared towards a positive educational journey, together with consistently improving outcomes. 

Skills and Experience you have that you feel would benefit the role of governor.

I have a strong academic background and I am a qualified accountant by profession. Having worked within a variety of sectors during my career, I have gained considerable practical expertise including collaborative team working, financial management including budgeting/planning and analysis, performance appraisals and resource management.

I have an inquisitive mindset and I am comfortable challenging and asking questions. I have a strong work ethic, good inter-personal skills and I am very adaptable.

Alliha Ranjha (Parent of Mikaeel Hassan RB)

Why I wish to be a governor

I am very keen to become a parent governor so that I can raise issues which are of concern to the pupils and parents whilst also helping to represent the parents view during governors meetings. As a parent I value education highly and would work to keep the standard of education offered at Acacias CPS to a high standard for the benefit of all pupils. I would look to work with parents, teachers, the Head and other governors to help drive the continued improvement needed to provide our children with the best chance of success.

Skills and Experience you have that you feel would benefit the role of governor.

Excellent communication skills are essential and with my experience in customer services I carry this out to all individuals of all levels. I would listen impartially to concerns/feelings on vital matters raised by parents/carers and present a balanced view of issues, therefore maintaining an approachable and reliable stance. I have a masters degree in law and I believe it would bring a  different perspective to the governing body.

Batul Yamani (Parent of Burhanuddin Kachwala 1B)

Why I wish to be a governor

 The main reason I want to become a parent governor is to be involved with improving the education our children receive to give them a chance to realise their full potential. I want to have a better understanding and input on the curriculum, policies, school finances and strategies to enable the school to run as effectively as possible.
My time as a parent governor will ensure that I have in depth and understanding of the statutory and strategic responsibilities that comes with being a parent governor. I am also committed to undertaking training to enable me to be the best parent governor for Acacias primary school. I will take my role of being a parent governor and representing the school passionately and will always try to look at any issue fairly and with the child’s best interest at heart.

During my time of being a parent governor I will support the school's aims to
become an outstanding school. I also plan on working on the following
1. Consultation of parents’ views of the school. Looking at the results and finding anything that could be improved or changed.
2 I will make sure that all parents and children are happy with the new services and that they are run well.
I plan to be active member of the governing body by
1. Supporting Breakfast and After School Club. – the school currently provide after school activities and sports. These have been well received however due to limited spaces not all children are able to access them. Children that attend after school club (childcare) are unable to benefit from them meaning that they are excluded from these activities. I would like to work with the school and parents to see if providing an inhouse after school club on the school grounds is viable and to be able to increase the spaces of after school club activities including sports so that more children can access them.
2. To support the school aims to become an outstanding school.
3. Make sure the school is on target and to ask the right questions
4. I would also like to drive forward becoming an Eco friendly school many important issues have been raised by the school to ensure that we are reducing our carbon footprint I would love to take on the opportunity to develop this further.
I believe that parent governors have a special role and should always try to assess issues and decisions from the point of view of parents/carers and families. This is not the same as representing individual parent’s points of view – it is about making sure that parent/carer perspectives (however diverse) are always considered. I believe that clear direction and leadership are key to an effective school governing body and therefore a successful school. I have a proven track record of managing teams and driving through change in some challenging times and believe that this experience would be of value to the Governing Body and the school alike.

Skills and Experience you have that you feel would benefit the role of governor

.I have an A Level qualification in ICT and psychology which has given me a huge understanding in development in children Currently I am looking at converting my qualification to UK standards so that I can work within the education and childcare sector. While I was growing up due to my Fathers work, we lived in many cities in different parts of the world. I came to Manchester in 2002 and left in 2010. I
lived and studied locally whilst my Brother came to Acacias and studied here this makes this even more special for me to serve as school governor at the school.
Living in cities across the world has made me extremely resilient I had to adapt and learn quickly to new customs and ways of life. This has also given me great insight into different educations systems I feel this is valuable knowledge and experience I would be delighted to share in my role as school governor.
I am a housewife, a homemaker, a cook and I have deep interest in all aspects of Education. I have worked in education sector in various capacities including helping teachers in Saturday schools in my community. I have home schooled my children successfully during the lockdown. Just like every other parent, I want the very best for my child. I want him to be happy, confident and become the very best he can be. As parents we need to support the school but when necessary we should also put the school under tough scrutiny. I am not afraid to ask difficult questions and I am used to speaking out and up for what is most important the education our children receive.