Our personal, social and health education (PSHE) co-ordinator is Mr Malies.

View our long-term PSHE plan here

At Acacias, we believe that children and young people’s personal, social, moral, cultural, spiritual and emotional development can be encouraged by a supportive school ethos. We want to ensure that:

  • All children and young people are valued and encouraged.
  • There is a safe and secure school environment that is conducive to learning.
  • The personal development of all of our children and young people is promoted.
  • We develop children and young people’s understanding of health and safety issues.
  • We develop children and young people’s ability to form positive and respectful communication and relationships with their friends, classmates and teachers.
  • We promote British Values across our curriculum.

We will promote PSHE throughout the life of the school including the taught curriculum.  PSHE will be delivered through a wide range of approaches:

  • Discrete PSHE curriculum lesson time, including circle time. 
  • Teaching PSHE in and through other curriculum areas e.g. RE, PE, Humanities, Science and English.
  • As a Rights Respecting School, we will embed the articles from the Convention of the Rights of the Child across the PSHE curriculum.
  • Cross-curricular activities and school events e.g. weekly assemblies; celebration assemblies; whole school themes, e.g. Healthy Lunch Challenge, Anti-Bullying Week.
  • Peer led initiatives e.g. PALs scheme, anti-bullying councillors.
  • School Councils and other decision making forums that involve children and young people.
  • Extra-curricular activities such as lunchtimes and after school clubs
  • External visitors, e.g. Fire Service, Smoking Awareness, the Road Safety Team.
  • Out of school visits and residentials, e.g. Ghyll Head.
  • Manchester Healthy Schools areas for development.
  • SEAL (Social and Emotional aspects of learning) assemblies and lesson.
  • Use of the Growing and Changing Together Resource (see below).

Growing and Changing 

Growing and Changing Together is a set of six lessons compiled by the Manchester Healthy Schools Programme. This resource allows primary schools to meet the minimum standard for SRE. The six week programme will be delivered in the Spring or Summer term. Each year group follows the same set of themes:


Lesson 1: Personal Identity, Self Esteem and Confidence.

Lesson 2: Friendship and Relationships.

Lesson 3: Growing up.

Lesson 4: Body Changes.

Lesson 5: Hygiene.

Lesson 6: Personal Safety.

The content of each lesson will vary depending on the year group, though all lessons deal with the above issues in an age appropriate and sensitive manner. All lessons are of equal length and importance.


The focus for each year group is as follows:

Year 1 - Respect for self and others

Year 2 - Empathy and social skills

Year 3 - A focus on feelings

Year 4 - Changes on the outside of the body

Year 5 - Changes on the inside of the body

Year 6 - Emotional changes

The lesson content in more detail can be found below

Years 1-3

Years 4-6 


Note: The currciulum DOES NOT cover sex or conception.

If you wish to remove your child from any of the six lessons, then you must make this request in writing to the head teacher. However, we strongly recommend that before making this decision you discuss your reasons why with Mr Malies (PSHE Co-ordinator). We feel that it would be far more beneficial for your child to hear the Growing and Changing Together information in a safe environment rather than from playground rumours or another possibly inaccurate source, such as the Internet.