Mindful Meditation For All

Hi everyone, Mr M here. Now children, all of your Jedi training over the last two years can finally be put into practice. It is time for you to reveal your secret identity to those you share your home with...

That you are a MEDITATION MASTER! 

Your mission is to use your superpowers to help yourself and those around you to stay calm and positive in these challenging times by teaching them how to meditate.


Here are the links to two guided meditations for all:

misp .b playing attention is a funny and enjoyable introduction to mindful meditation                www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgXZW6Xqokw

misp .b beditation can help you to settle before you go to sleep                         www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5ut2NYdAEQ


Headspace                                                                                This is a great mindfulness app that I have used myself and have recommended to my own family and friends. If you work in education, then you can now get it for FREE. For everyone else, you get it free for two weeks, but then unfortunately you have to start paying a subscription.


#MindfulAcaciasFamilies                                                                         Please upload a photo of you and your family meditating to the school Twitter account. 


Bird Watching                                                                                Watching wildlife, wherever you may be, is a proven way of gaining some inner peace. Use the RSPB's website to identify any birds that you can see from your window. Maybe list or sketch what you have spotted.                                                                                                     



Bird Listening                                                                                Birdsong is one of the wonders of the natural world. A recent study found that actively listening to birdsong can have an immediate affect on our mood, with feelings of wellbeing boosted for several hours after. With a little practise, we can soon start to identify some familiar visitors. Both the links below feature easy to use audio samples with matching photographs.