Parental Involvement 2018-2019

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30 Things To Do This Summer Themed Week  

During the week beginning 17th June 2019, the children were asked to choose a favourite activity to share with and teach to their class. During the parent learning event on Wednesday 19th June, 20 children from KS1 and KS2 taught a selection of these activities to the children and parents who attended the event. These activities included: Playing draughts, bird watching, origami, drawing cartoons, jigsaws, yoga and obstacle courses.  


Over 80 pupils and their parents attended the event and any pupils who completed 6 or more activities received a certificate and the resources to grow a runner bean plant. 


We hope that the children can be encouraged to continue enjoying some of the new activities they learnt during the week, particularly over the summer holidays, giving them the right to article 31 - your right to relax and play.  


Here is the list of '30 Things To Do This Summer':


Some OUTDOOR activities: 

·         Treasure Hunt 

·         Duck Duck Goose 

·         Get to Base 

·         Ball Tag 

·         Den building 

·         Cloud gazing 

·         Bird watching 

·         Bug Hunt 

·         Tree ID 

·         Star gazing 

·         Nature Art (Andy Goldsworthy style) 

·         Obstacle course building 

·         Rock painting 

·         Juggling 

·         Ultimate Frisbee 


Some INDOOR activities:  

·         Cat’s Cradle 

·         Charades 

·         Solitaire 

·         Simple card or coin magic trick(s) 

·         Mindful Meditation exercises 

·         Simple Yoga 

·         Pencil & Paper Games, e.g. boxes, eggs in a basket 

·         Draughts (maybe make your own) 

·         Chess (maybe make your own) 

·         Push Penny/Coin Football 

·         Simple card game 1, e.g. rummy 

·         Patience card game 

·         Jigsaw Making 

·         Cartoon drawing 

·         Origami 

·         Book making