RRS School Song

Here is our school song written and performed by Mr Malies and one of our talented pupils 

Verse 1  

Article 2: Every child across the world has all these rights​

It doesn’t matter if your skin colour is brown, black, purple or white​

They should not be let out of our memory or our sight​


‘Cos we have rights​

‘Cos you have rights​

‘Cos they have rights​

Cos after all we’re rights respectful​

Verse 2  

Article 12: the right to a voice and to get involved​

We can talk to an adult that we trust to help get our problems solved​

Article 1: we have these rights ‘til we’re 18 years old​


Bridge 1 

And all of those in school that stand beside us​

Now know that all these rights help to define us​

We shouldn’t be  harmed, should be looked after and kept safe​

‘Cos we now know…​

Verse 3  

Article 28 is your right to an education​

Learning should be available to children of all nations​

Article 17 we have a right to honest information​


Verse 4 

Article 31 is the right to relax and play​

Luckily, we get the chance in  school to do it every day​

Adults are our duty bearers, helping us along the way​


Bridge 2 

But there are those who’re  suffering through  war​

Child refugees who can’t take any more​

They need protection and the right to Article 24 ​

‘Cos we now know…​

Outro Chorus  ​

That we have rights.​

That you have rights​

That they have rights​

And after all we’re rights respectful