Welcome to The Treehouse

Teacher - Miss S Whittaker

Teaching Assistants - Ms C Rowley and Ms C Best

Important days

  • Homework will be given out on Friday and needs to be returned by Wednesday. Each week the children will have a piece of English and maths homework.  If your child needs help with their homework, please speak to Miss Whittaker before the return day.
  • Spelling books will be given out on Friday to be returned on Monday, ready for the spelling test. Some words may appear several times in your child’s list to ensure they are really embedded.
  • We will be changing reading books every day. Please ensure that you have left a comment in the reading record each time your child reads at home. Aim to read with your child 3 times a week so they get lots of opportunity to practise skills. Your child may be asked to read the same book again in order to improve their fluency and understanding.

The Daily Routine

The children will be spending every morning in the Treehouse where the focus will be developing their English and maths.  Good listening and memory skills are essential for effective learning, so we start each morning with a short session of listening and memory activities.  The morning finishes with a shared reading time or circle time which is an opportunity for the children to develop their speech, language and communication skills.


The children join their classes for assembly and playtimes each day.  At lunchtime they return to their classes for the afternoon sessions when they will be covering the other subjects in the curriculum.  The children in Year 4 will join their classes for swimming on either Tuesday or Wednesday morning.



Initially we will be focussing on the story, ‘The Tunnel’.  The children will be retelling the story in their own words, writing character descriptions and thinking about how the characters’ feelings change through the story.  Later in the term we will look at non-chronological reports.   We will be learning about different ways to join and extend sentences to make them more interesting.  Also the children will be developing their punctuation skills.


At the start of term the children will be focusing on developing their understanding of place value –representing numbers in different ways using equipment and in written form; ordering numbers and counting forwards and backwards in different steps.   Later on we will look at addition and subtraction calculations and work on measurement.