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Teacher - Miss S Whittaker

Teaching Assistants - Ms C Rowley and Ms C Best

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The Daily Routine

The children will continue to spend the mornings in the Treehouse where the focus will be developing their English and maths as well as speech, language and communication skills.

The children join their classes for assemblies and playtimes.  At lunchtime they return to their classes for the afternoon sessions when they will be covering the other subjects in the curriculum.  The children in Year 4 will join their classes for swimming on either Tuesday or Wednesday morning and music on Friday mornings.  The other children will have their music lessons in the Treehouse with Mrs Ayebare.  Your child will also join their class for any trips or parent learning events.


Important days

  • Homework will be given out on Friday and needs to be returned by Wednesday. Each week the children will have a piece of English and maths homework.  If your child needs help with their homework, please speak to Miss Whittaker before the return day.
  • Spelling books will be given out on Friday to be returned on Monday, ready for the spelling test. Some words may appear several times in your child’s list to ensure they are really embedded.
  • We will be changing reading books every day. Please ensure that you have left a comment in the reading record each time your child reads at home. Aim to read with your child 3 times a week so they get lots of opportunity to practise skills. Your child may be asked to read the same book again in order to improve their fluency and understanding.



The children have started to make their own books about autumn. These books will be completed over the next couple of weeks by researching and writing about squirrels and the history of fireworks. Later in the term we will look at and write some poetry. We will also learn about some famous people and write some biographies. In grammar there will be a focus on writing different types of sentences such as commands and statements, with the appropriate punctuation and developing more interesting and complex sentences. The children will also become more familiar with different word classes, for example different types of nouns and different ways of organising their writing using paragraphs, sub-headings and headings. To support their spelling dictionary skills will be developed.


This half term we will be looking at shape, measurement and money. The children will be investigating 2D and 3D shapes and their properties; solving problems involving money and developing their accuracy measuring. Work will continue on learning and using key number facts such as the number bonds to 10, 20 and 100 and times tables facts. There will be plenty of opportunities to practise their counting, addition and subtraction skills.


Borrowing books and games

Miss West will be in the front room of the school on Tuesday mornings until 9:15 with a range of books for you to borrow to read with your child at home.

In the Treehouse we have a selection of phonics and spelling games which you are also welcome to borrow.

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