Welcome to Year 5

5B                                                                         5Y

Teacher - Mr J Tatlow                                           Teacher - Mr J Kearney

Teaching Assistants - Mrs A Fitzpatrick/               Teaching Assistant - Miss R Gilligan

Mrs R Hare

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Important days

  • Homework will be given out on Thursdays and must be returned by Thursday the following week. If your child needs help with their homework, please speak with their class teacher before the return day.
  • PE days are Monday and Tuesday for both classesPlease ensure your child has shorts, t-shirt, trainers and something warm for outdoor PE such as a tracksuit.
  • We will change reading books once your child has finished their book. Your child should read at home 5 times a week. Of those 5 times, we hope they must read with an adult at least twice. Please ensure they write down any tricky or unknown words in their books.


This half term our topic is the Mexico. We will be focussing on:

  • locating Mexico and cities on a map
  • understanding weather and climate
  • understanding why people visit Mexico
  • understanding the origins of the Mexican flag
  • ‘Day of the Dead’ celebrations
  • creating piñatas

We will be completing our Food Technology unit, creating a healthy salad and learning cutting methods.



In English, we will be focussing on writing a newspaper report based on Day of the Dead celebrations linked to our class topic Mexico. We will be looking at:

  • The features of a newspaper report
  • Researching Day of the Dead
  • Punctuating quotations
  • Understanding direct and indirect speech
  • Identifying and using fronted adverbials
  • Using captions correctly
  • Using different clauses: relative clauses
  • Understanding what proper nouns are and punctuating them correctly.
  • Alliteration



In maths this half term, we will be focusing on:

  • Multiples
  • Factors and common factors
  • Prime,  square and cube numbers
  • Multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and  1,000
  • Perimeter
  • Area of rectangles, compound and irregular shapes.  


We will be focusing on Earth and Space. The areas we will be covering are:

·         Why we have day and night

·         Why we have seasons

·         To describe the movement relative to the earth

·         To describe the phases of the moon and ordering them.



Please see the attached document on how to support your child/children with reading: