Our art co-ordinator is Mrs Wilson. Please click here to view our Art and DT policy.

Summer Term

Year 4 have created the Manchester Bee collage,

Year 2 have been using the stencil technique inspired by Bansky

Year 3 have been making Iron Man robots 

Year 6 have designed and made Mayan Masks.



Year 1 have been making animal models out of clay and have been using paint to create their own "Rainbow Fish".

Nursery have been making their own minibeasts using a range of materials

Year 2 have been making sock puppet orangutans following their Chester Zoo visit. They have been practising their sewing skills too!

Year 6 have been developing their printing technique by creating habitats.

Spring Term

All classes have been busy creating fantastic artwork this term:

Nursery: Children have been creating aliens using sticky paper to cut out shapes and add google eyes.

Reception: Children have been making rockets using junk modelling.

Year 1: Children have been creating artwork in the style of Picasso.

Year 2 have been making castles as part of their clever constructions topic.

Year 3: Children have been creating World War II paintings of Spitfire jets and silhouettes of the Blitz skyline.

Year 4: Children have been designing aliens.

Years 5/6: Children have been creating space themed art using pastels.

Year 1 have created self-portraits based on Picasso's works.

Year 1 also drew their own self-portraits.

Year 2 created clay models of fruit during their topic on food. They then sketched fruit bowls.

Year 5 studied William Morris and created their own designs inspired by his works.

At the end of their time in Year 4, the current Year 5's created their own clocks. They designed the clock faces and then warped them using a program on the computers. These were then brought to life, and some have been made into working clocks.


The image above shows the working clocks, along with some 'skull' works of art created by the current Year 6's when they were in Year 5.