Welcome to Year 2

2B                                                                      2Y

Teacher – Mrs J Dews/Mrs S Stanley(Fri)         Teacher - Miss S Lewsley

Teaching Assistants - Mrs D Charalambous/     Teaching Assistant - Miss N Smith

Miss H West


Important days

  • Homework books will be given out on Friday and must be returned by Wednesday. If your child needs help with their homework, please speak with their class teacher before the return day.
  • Indoor PE is on Tuesdays and outdoor PE is on Friday for 2Y and Monday for 2B. Please ensure your child has shorts, t-shirt, trainers and something warm for outdoor PE such as a tracksuit.
  • We will be changing reading books every day. Please ensure that you have left a comment in the reading record each time your child reads at home. Aim to read with your child 3 times a week so they get lots of opportunity to practise skills learnt in class. Your child may be asked to read the same book again in order to improve fluency.


This half term our topic is Food, Glorious Food. We will be looking at how what people eat has changed over time, looking at foods eaten in different historical periods all the way through to the current day. This will lead us into looking at where in the world our food comes from. If you would be interested in coming to talk to the children about where in the world your heritage is from, and different foods eaten there (perhaps even bringing in some samples for children to taste?) please speak with Miss Lewsley, Mrs Dews or Mrs Stanley.

In art we will be looking at the works of Arcimboldo, an Italian artist who was best known for creating portraits from various objects, including food! We will be working alongside Mrs Berry to create our own versions of Arcimboldo’s portraits, linked to the four different seasons.



In English, we will initially be focussing on the story, ‘The Shopping Basket’. We will be using the story as a basis from which to write our own food shopping based stories.

Across the term we will also look at non-chronological reports (writing about foods from around the world) and classical poetry linked to food.

We will be learning about different word and sentence types. The different sentence types we will look at are:

Statement – giving information; e.g. the dog is brown and beautiful.

Question – asking for information; e.g. why are you so sad?

Exclamation – showing extreme emotion and beginning with ‘how’ or ‘what’ e.g. what a fluffy sheep that is!

Command – telling someone to do something e.g. wash your hands in the sink.



In science, we will be learning about how animals have offspring that grow into adults; the basic needs of animals, including humans, for survival; and the importance, for humans, of exercise, hygiene and a healthy, varied diet.


To learn more about the Y2 SATs click here.


Please see the attached document about supporting your child with reading:

Monday 10th July

In English, we looked at some of Brenda Williams's poems.
We thought that they rhymed really well and we talked about what we liked and disliked about them. 


In Topic, we found seaside resorts on a map of the UK and placed them on our own map.


Tuesday 11th July

In English, we highlighted seaside vocabulary to make a word bank so that we have lots of ideas when we write our own poems.

In Maths, we have been making board games to share with Year 1 next week. We used addition and subtraction up to 20 and we used halves and doubles.

We also used our knowledge of number, addition, subtraction and pattern to find out about 2 digit numbers.