Our geography co-ordinator is Miss Hollinshead. Please click here to view our geography curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact statements which outlines the subject experience children will receive during their time at our school. We have produced a new progression document to ensure that our geography teaching and learning is building on children's previous knowledge and experiences. Our intent is to make the geography curriculum meaningful and relevant to the children in a world that is constantly evolving.



This documents show in detail how we will develop children's knowledge, understanding and skills in different areas of geographical study.

The plans detail how each geographical area is covered through the different topics studied from Early Years into KS1 and KS2.

Click here to see the progression document.


Geography Experiences 2022/2023: 

Year 5 visited Macclesfield Forest to carry out fieldwork, looking and measuring river speed, depth and temperature as part of their 'Water' topic.

Year 2 went on a fieldtrip to Stockport to learn about their local area in the Autumn term, as part of their 'Marvellous Millinery' topic. 

Year 3 went to Edale in the Spring Term to experience the countryside, as part of their 'Town and Country' topic. 

Year 2 went to Formby Beach to learn about the seaside as part of their topic 'Would you like to live beside the Seaside?'


Year 2 trip to Formby Beach

Year 3 trip to Edale, Derbyshire: 

Year 5 trip to Macclesfield Forest: 

Year 2 trip to Stockport: