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Parental Involvement

At Acacias, we highly value the support of parents and encourage parents to become involved in the school community. We regularly hold workshops to support parents with helping their children at home, and informal coffee mornings. At each event we ask parents for feedback on what they enjoyed and what they'd like to see in the future. We use this feedback to plan future events and to inform us of how to improve.

We are just starting to get more Parental Involvement events up and running, post COVID lockdowns.

To see what we've done in the past, please click here.

If you would like to discuss our parental involvement further, and have ideas of how to make it even better, please contact Mrs Riley, our parental involvement coordinator, or email us at Alternatively, you can contact us, or send us suggestions, through our 'Parent View' page.


Upcoming events:

Please check the calendar or the school story on Class Dojo for details of upcoming events, including class assemblies.


2022 - 2023

Reception Shared Learning

On Tuesday 18th October, Reception had their shared learning event. This gave the opportunity for parents and carers to come into school and see how we teach phonics in Reception. 

Thank you for the lovely feedback:

"It was a wonderful experience overall. Sitting in the classroom with my child I had an opportunity to learn different ways and styles to get my child engaged in her reading and writing in a fun way."

"Lots of smiling, welcoming faces, staff and children. The children were delighted to see their grown ups, My son talked about it so much at home. Great to see how he learns and takes part. It gave us lots to talk about at home. A happy classroom, all the children were joining in. The teacher was brilliant, really encouraging and warm. Thank you."

"My children were so happy to see me and proud to show me round. It was good to see them in a different environment than I normally do and a lesson to see how this works and how they respond."

"I got an insight on how my child is in the school environment; what they are learning and how they are learning. It was very reassuring as well in terms of whether my child has settled in or not. Looking at their classroom was also great. Loved how the walls were decorated with facts about the children in class and their work, giving them a sense of belonging. Really enjoyed the whole experience and would love to attend more of these events."


LKS2 Shared Learning

LKS2's (Years 3 and 4) Shared learning event took place on Friday 14th October. During the event, the classes looked at part of the writing process in an English lesson.

We had some lovely feedback from the event:

"It was great to see my son in a school setting, and I sensed excitement amongst the children whose parents attended."

"I loved the confidence the teachers had when the taught the children in front of us! Very brave; hats off! I loved the way they made writing a sentence look like so much fun! I loved the excitement the children had on the day we had to come! I will never forget the look on my son's face!"

"It is an amazing opportunity for us to know what the children are learning in the classroom and how they act during the lesson"

"I loved being back in the classroom seeing a bit of learning. I also thought the talk at the beginning was helpful so we all knew what the expectations were for adults in the classroom. I really appreciate the staff being willing to let us all come and observe the lesson."

"Seeing the classroom environment and the work my child does. Empowered the children to show the grown ups how they do things. That the school is including parents/building a community"

"A warm welcome from all the staff. The children were delighted to see their grown ups. It really helps to understand what and how they are learning. Wonderfully calm and happy classroom."

"There were so many things that I liked! The opportunity to work alongside my child. Being able to see how writing is taught as a process. It was great to see the classroom environment and I loved how the displays and information around the room were referred to throughout the session, either to recap prior learning or to highlight something new. It was lovely to witness the teacher's gentle manner with the children - she both supported and challenged their learning. Thank you for planning the event. It was really valuable and enjoyable."

"Today's session in class was spot on. The teacher had all the children's attention at all times. Her teaching style is brilliant! I just hope she didn't mind me fidgeting because I struggled with sitting and kneeling on the floor!"


Friends of Acacias Coffee morning

On Thursday 13th October, we held our first 'Friends of Acacias' meeting. This was an opportunity for any parents/carers or other members of the school community to come together to look at how we can work together and gain ideas of how we can raise funds for the school. There was a great turn out and lots of chat and laughter! There were some fantastic fundraising ideas shared and some very enthusiastic volunteers. Thank you to all who came - we look forward to working with you in future. Look out for information of our next meeting.


KS1 Shared Learning

On Tuesday 11th October, KS1 (Years 1 and 2) held a shared learning event. This gave parents/carers the opportunity to see how English is taught in KS1. Thank you to all who came, and to those who gave feedback on the experience:

"Sharing the same class environment with your kid is the best ever experience."

"Able to share a learning exercise with my child, helps to start conversations at home about the topics discussed."

"I loved seeing my son participating in the lesson. And seeing how happy and confident all the children were in joining in. They were all keen to learn and were clearly enjoying it."

"I enjoyed being able to see what my child is learning during her class and seeing how she engaged so well in class. I felt very proud as a parent. I also enjoyed being able to help my child with the work and be her extra support there and my heart was at ease to know that she was understanding the work."

"The children were kind to each other, shared the resources well & got on with their work. They also had the opportunity to write but it was in a way that all abilities were catered for. Some children were faster at sorting & writing but there were enough resources that they were able to be challenged right to the end of the lesson. The teacher ended excellently with a fun game which directly helped practice the new knowledge gained. I was very pleased at the quality of teaching & learning. Both the teacher & teaching assistant were a fantastic team & the children were very well engaged."

"The teacher was fantastic engaging both students and parents at the right times"

"The opportunity to see how learning takes place in the colourful, engaging classroom. It was wonderful to see how the teacher introduced a new concept, modelled it and allowed children to practise. My son was confident categorising and writing nouns by the end of the session. It was a pleasure and a privilege to participate with my child. Thank you for the opportunity."


Phonics workshops

During September, we held four separate workshops on how our phonics programme - Essential Letters and Sounds - is delivered. These were for parents/carers of children in Reception and Year 1. The workshops were well attended overall, and parents found it useful knowing how their child is taught and seeing an example of a phonics lesson.


Meet the Inclusion team coffee afternoon

On Tuesday 20th September we held a coffee afternoon for parents/carers to meet the Inclusion team, giving an opportunity to share and discuss any concerns. It also gave an opportunity for us to share how we support children in school with a wide range of needs. Thank you to those who attended and shared their thoughts.