Our geography co-ordinator is Miss Cooke.  We have produced a new progression document to ensure that our geography teaching and learning is building on children's previous knowledge and experiences. Our intent is to make the history curriculum meaningful and relevant to the children and to develop their understanding of how the world we live in today has been formed over centuries through the significant events and achievements of people from the past. Britain has evolved and continues to evolve and our curriculum aims to support children's understanding and appreciation of this.

In Key Stage 2, children will study periods of history chronologically, from ancient to modern times as the children progress through the school. This will enable children to apply previously taught knowledge to how civilisations have developed and changed over time. Please see below for our Intent, Implementation and Impact statement for History at Acacias Primary School which outlines the subject experience children will receive during their time at our school. 




This documents show our history curriculum broken down into the national curriculum objectives that are covered, the knowledge that will be taught and the skills that will be developed in each year group, from Nursery to Year 6.

There are key themes and ideas in our knowledge progression that will be explored throughout history lessons, including: significant people, places, events and contributions, chronology and the legacy left behind which has shaped life in Britain today.

The skills that will be taught and nurtured fall under four strands: chronological awareness, interpretations of history, range and depth of historical knowledge and historical enquiry. With these skills and knowledge combined, children should develop a sound understanding, curiosity and appreciation for the history of these isles, as well as supporting their awareness of their own personal history.

Click here to see the progression document.

Additional information about the history study units can be found on the main curriculum page