Our MFL co-ordinator is Mrs Bradley-Byrne. 


French is delivered across Key Stage 2 with each class receiving half an hour of teaching per week from Miss Moghaddam, a French specialist.


We have recently purchased a new scheme called 'Language Angels' to support our teaching of French.  The children are really enjoying the activities, games and resources.


Recently, on March 1st, a group of young interpreters from Levenshulme High School for Girls visited year 5 to read and discuss stories in French



At the Parent Learning Event in November, we celebrated French culture. 


Children had the opportunity to sample some delicious French food such as, French bread with roule cheese and grapes and also some traditional French pastries - pain au chocolat, croissants and sweet brioche buns.  Mmm délicieux!

Quelle norriture préférez-vous? What foods do you prefer?


In another activity, children used the iPads and had great fun trying to identify and match colours.

Would you like to try?