Online Safety

Guides on Tik Tok app


For information on how to setup Privacy settings on PlayStation 4 and Xbox, the following website has a useful step-by-step guide:

PS4 -

X box -

We would recommend that you set it up so that only friends can see your information and connect with you. 


Here are some guides to Fortnite for parents:


Parent Guide to Roblox


New online safety website launched by Google.

Can you be 'internet awesome'?


Have you heard of Yubo, Monkey or  See the latest information here from ParentInfo




Top Online Safety tips for Parents

  •  Talk to your child about what they’re up to online.
  •  Watch Thinkuknow films and cartoons with your child.
  •  Encourage your child to go online and explore.
  •  Set parental controls on all internet enabled devices.
  •  Set boundaries in the online world just as you would in the  real world.
  •  Talk to your child about being respectful online and how to    report unacceptable behaviour.


For further information on online safety, please visit the following websites:


Here is the link to the latest Vodafone Digital Parent Magazine: