Our RE co-ordinator is Miss Selkridge. Our RE curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact statements are detailed in the document below.


The RE curriculum that we teach is based around the notion of asking 'big questions' to help children systematically analyse and apply their previous and newly learnt knowledge to their lives and to the lives of those around them.

The RE taught at Acacias is tailored to our community and the children who attend our school. The children are consistently encouraged to discuss their own beliefs and make links between their learning and their own lives. Children are taught that every person they meet is different and how to take note of how others are both similar and different to ourselves, valuing the differences

The details of each RE unit of study are given in the long term plans and half term topic webs. These can be accessed on the main curriculum page.

The curriculum is based on the Manchester agreed syllabus written by the five SACRE's. 

RE Syllabus

We have also developed a progression map which identifies how children's knowledge and skills will be developed over time. 

Knowledge and skills progression