Our RE co-ordinator is Miss Taylor. Please click here to view our RE policy.


The RE curriculum that we teach is based around the notion of asking 'big questions' to help children systematically analyse and apply their previous and newly learnt knowledge to their lives and to the lives of those around them.

The RE taught at Acacias is tailored to the children who attend our school. The children are consistently encouraged to discuss their own beliefs and make links between their learning and their own lives. Children are taught that every person they meet is different and how to take note of how others are both similar and different to ourselves, valuing the differences.

In Reception the children learn about Christianity and other faiths that they encounter during their day-to-day life. In KS1 they learn about Christians, Muslims and Jewish people and in KS2 they learn about Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Jewish people. Other religions may also be covered across the school, whilst answering the 'big questions' covered in the RE syllabus.