Parental Involvement 2018-2019

2018 - 2019 

Eco Themed Week 

During the week beginning 4th March 2019, we had an Eco themed week. Throughout the week the children were involved in a number of activities which included; sorting recycling with a representative from Biffa, visiting a 'fracking site' on the school field and voting for their favourite eco slogan which was then made into a sign at the parent learning event. 

Parent Learning Event: 

As part of the Eco week we held a parent learning event, during which children were able to complete a number of Eco themed activities with their parents including: 

Making bird feeders with a representative from 'Sow the City', creating a giant whale using non-recyclable materials, making bug hotels, guessing the 'water pollution' in a jar, talking about the impact of single use plastic on our oceans with a representative from ‘sea straw’, making wind turbines from lego and creating green hearts filled with seeds.

Over 80 pupils and their parents attended the event and any pupils who completed 6 or more activities received a certificate and Eco themed prize. 

KS1 Shared Learning Event:

During the week, KS1 held a shared learning event. In Year 1 they made posters about human impact on marine life and in Year 2 they shared posters and wrote poems about access to water around the world.


"Good. Interactive."

"Superb, very informative."

"Lovely - mix of seeing teacher then children working."

"Nice to see the kids with their classmates."

"Wonderful topic, great to see the children so engaged. Everything was explained very well." 

LKS2 Shared Learning Event: 

LKS2 also held a shared learning event. In Year 3 they made models from recyclable and non-recyclable junk materials and in Year 4, they made information leaflets all about air pollution.  

30 Things To Do This Summer Themed Week  

During the week beginning 17th June 2019, the children were asked to choose a favourite activity to share with and teach to their class. During the parent learning event on Wednesday 19th June, 20 children from KS1 and KS2 taught a selection of these activities to the children and parents who attended the event. These activities included: Playing draughts, bird watching, origami, drawing cartoons, jigsaws, yoga and obstacle courses.  

 Over 80 pupils and their parents attended the event and any pupils who completed 6 or more activities received a certificate and the resources to grow a runner bean plant. 


UKS2 Shared Learning Event - 1st February 2019

Feedback from the event which focussed on English / Topic lessons.

* Great to see the children learning.

* I really enjoyed the Anglo-Saxon topic!

* I liked it very much.

* Very good points (in the debate)

* I enjoyed it all thoroughly.

* Very energetic and well prepared. Very good.

* I liked it very much.

* Great to see the children are very big now, they know what they are saying and talking about.

* Lovely to see all the children get involved.

Celebrating Cultures Themed Week

In the week beginning 12th November 2018, we had a themed week around Celebrating Cultures. A huge thank you to all of the parents who came in across the week;

  • Mr Cervantes Lara came into Year 5 to talk to them about Mexico, and worked with them to Skype a school in Mexico.
  • Mr and Mrs Boutin came into 5Y to talk about their family history with the creation of French cheese, Camembert.
  • Miss Crawford came into Year 1 to talk to them about Kente patterns and share food with them.
  • Mrs Ahmed came into Year 2 to talk to them about Pakistani culture.
  • Miss Paul came into Reception to talk about St Lucian culture.
  • Mrs Tahir came in to make potato kebabs with Reception.
  • Mrs Hossain came to the Parent Learning Event to show us how to tie sari's.
  • Mrs White came into Year 1 and Year 6 to talk about Christian culture.
  • Ms Durand came into Nursery to talk about French culture.
  • Ms Ahmad came into Nursery to share Pakistani food.

Also, during the week;

  • Year 2 Skyped a school in Japan
  • Year 3 visited a pop-up Egyptian museum at Levenshulme High School
  • Year 3 had Samba drumming workshops

 Key Stage 1 Shared Learning

On Friday 9th November, Key Stage 1 held their shared learning which focussed on the teaching of maths, looking at how concrete apparatus and simple games can be used to support this and how this can be done at home.

"I loved the shared learning event! I can tell that my daughter and the class as a whole loved the lesson too! As a person who grew up fearing maths I am ever so grateful that you are fostering a love of number. Mrs Stanley was inspirational, her enthusiasm rubbing off on the children and the parents."

"Seeing the games was great."

"A good session - very interesting."

"Good to see the way games and activities were used to help learn skills."

"Everything is nice - seeing the games was very good."

"It was good to see how 2 digit addition is taught."

"Great to see how many of the children contributed and had their hand up. We now have lots to talk about at home."

"Enjoyed seeing how the children learn and also how to implement at home."

 Lower Key Stage 2 Shared Learning

Lower Key Stage 2 held their Autumn 2 shared learning event on Wednesday 7th November. The classes focussed on English, sharing with parents how aspects of English are taught in each class.

"I enjoyed sharing the lesson with the children and their interaction."

"Amazing interaction with the children - all were really engaged and enjoyed it."

"I really enjoy these sessions - it's great knowing what the children are learning and how they are in their classes."

"It was great. I lvoed to see the children and how well they are understanding."

"It was good to sit in a lesson to experience what the children learn."

Year 5 Assembly

Year 5 held a performance assembly on Wednesday 31st October, sharing with their parent/carers some of their leaning from across the half term, including some of the songs that they've been learning in Music.


Year 1 Phonics Workshop

On Monday 15th October we held a phonics workshop for parents of children in Year 1. This was to show parents how the teaching of phonics changes from Reception to Year 1, to demonstrate ways in which phonics is taught in school and to provide strategies that can be used at home to support children with their phonics.

Upper Key Stage 2 Shared Learning

Upper Key Stage 2 held a shared learning event on Thursday 4th October. Year 5 did a carousel of activities to enable pupils to gather information about Victorian workhouses ready for using in their non-chronological reports that they were writing. Year 6 looked at poetry, performing poetry in groups.


"I enjoyed spending time with my child."

"I enjoyed taking part in the poetry performance."

"I enjoyed getting involved. You're the best."

"I enjoyed finding out how to make a good poetry performance."

"It was good seeing the children interact in class."

"I liked the children's interaction and level of interest in the topic."

"It's really helpful to interact with children during class sessions."

"It was nice to see children in a class environment, to be part of what they are learning."

"It was good learning new information and also contributing what I learnt when I was at school."

"I liked seeing my child in the classroom environment and the methods of learning. I especially liked how confident the children were in asking questions. The staff are very approachable. Keep doing what you're doing."


Lower Key Stage 2 Shared Learning

On Monday 24th September, Lower Key Stage 2 held a shared learning event. During their event, they looked at maths across the key stage. They demonstrated activities that can support the children with learning their times tables, along with other activities used in CLIC sessions and problem solving activities.

Macmillan Coffee Afternoon

To support the great work that Macmillan do throughout the UK, we held a fundraising coffee afternoon on Monday 24th September. Staff kindly brought in homemade (and some not so homemade!) cakes for parents and carers to come and enjoy, along with a cup of tea or coffee and some time to chat. We raised just over £170, so thank you to everyone who came and donated.

Key Stage 1 Shared Learning

On Friday 21st September, Key Stage 1 held a shared learning event, where they focussed on the teaching of phonics and reading, sharing with parents different ways in which this is done. In Year 1, they looked at using phonics to help with reading words, looking at segmenting and blending to help us. In Year 2, they did a shared reading of the story Avocado Baby, looking at breakdown strategies for understanding unknown vocabulary, predicting what may happen in the story and how we can use our background knowledge to help to understand the story.


"I enjoyed understanding how my child is being taught at school, so I can help at home to improve their reading."

"I got a much better understanding of how they are being taught and how to work with them at home."

"It was informative. I liked the way the teacher explained split digraph."

"I enjoyed seeing what activities the kids do in class."

"I liked how calm the class was."